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"Mapleworth Murders” Is The Hilarious New Show You Should Stream This Week

It’s no mystery what makes this comedy so good. Watch Mapleworth Murders, now streaming on Quibi.

Do you like comedies? Do you like mysteries? Then you need to look into Mapleworth Murders.

The show stars Paula Pell as Abigail Mapleworth, an author of 64 murder mystery novellas...

...who also solves dastardly murders in the small town of New Woodstream.

Hayley Magnus plays Heidi, a mystery enthusiast who helps Abigail crack her cases.

Together, they make a pretty good team.

Their pluck and gumption help and/or annoy the town's police chief, Billy Bills (played by J.B. Smoove).

Mapleworth Murders has an incredible cast of victims and suspects with even more incredible names. For instance, Maya Rudolph plays Broda Bcbillan.

Patton Oswalt plays Jerry Sprinks, a man surprised by whatever is in his lap.

Fred Armisen plays Brody Bcbillan, who is presumably related to Broda.

Nicole Byer is Julia Squift, a woman afraid of slow-moving barrels.

Jack McBrayer is the ever cheerful Dink Choadler.

Wanda Sykes is Leigh Drain, a woman in-the-know.

Ike Barinholtz plays Richard Belt, seen here, contrary to his surname, wearing suspenders.

Chris Parnell plays Ben Canelli.

Tim Meadows plays Andy Hapsburg.

...and this grape plays the saxophone.

Honestly, why are you still looking at this list? If you don't have Quibi already, now's the time to get it. The game is afoot!

Watch Mapleworth Murders, now streaming on Quibi.

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