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11 Ways To Slay EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Try these simple steps to release your inner badass.

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2. Empower yourself with knowledge...

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Turn on a fun and inspiring podcast that will encourage you to express your own opinions! You have the beauty and the brains — so own it!

4. Remind yourself of your own strength! / Via

Challenging yourself to a tough workout will show you how strong you really are! Or even dancing around your room will get those endorphins flowin'. Either way, get out there and kick some ass!

6. Show yourself some love...

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Go ahead — look in the mirror and be your own role model! Whether your outfit is fire or you recall a proud moment, give yourself a reason to go out and kill it!

7. ...and don't focus on the negatives.

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Haters gonna hate, and nothing's gonna change that. Don't waste your time worrying about what others think, and instead harness that energy to go forth and slay!

9. Do something that makes you happy...

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Dance, sing, surf — you do you, boo! Always make time for an activity that makes you feel good. These are the little moments that help remind you how truly talented you are!

10. ...and don't forget to treat yo'self!

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Damn right — you deserve it! Whether it's getting a massage or going out with friends, you deserve a reward after a full day of husslin'!

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