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    My Opinions On Disney Character's People Hate

    Time for a bit of redemption.


    Hello, fellow buzzfeeders. I recently found a post by Kelly Martinez called 19 Beloved Disney Characters People Actually Can't Stand. I read it and some comments and saw how outraged people were. I decided to share my personal opinions. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, I'm just putting in my input. I missed off Mary Poppins because I don't really have an opinion on her. I never saw Treasure Planet so I had to leave off B.E.N.

    2. Lilo from Lilo & Stitch

    "I feel like she was purposely difficult for her sister. Plus, her sister took her to an animal shelter with tons of needy dogs, and she chose an actual monster. Who does that?!"


    First of all, they are sisters. When I was a kid, me and my sister fought like cats and dogs all the time! And who wouldn't choose the alien? Just saying. And Stitch scared all the other dogs away so there wasn't actually any other choice.

    3. Lightning Mcqueen from Cars

    "He was self-centered and only cared about winning a race instead of being there for his friends. He’s a total jerk."


    Ok, Cars is actually one of my favourite Pixar movies of all time. And, yes, he was self-centered. But part of the movie was him growing and a person(Or car?). He wanted to win the Piston Cup because it would mean he was making history as the first rookie ever to win it. But you saw he sacrificed all that to help the King.

    4. Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

    "She was so condescending to the dwarfs, who graciously let her stay in their house after she broke in."


    I will admit, it was wrong of her to break into their house. But she cleaned and cooked for them in exchange for a place to stay. And she was a princess. She made sure they used proper hygiene and cooked them delicious meals.

    5. Olaf from Frozen

    "He isn't funny and all his songs are the same. He destroys every emotional moment in Frozen 2 and, in my opinion, adds nothing valuable to the plot."


    Some of the intentionally funny lines Olaf has aren't funny, I'll admit that. In both Frozen movies, Olaf has a few emotional moments himself, such as right after Anna is left to die by Hans and in Frozen 2, Olaf tells Anna that Elsa is not okay and disappears right after. That scene for me was like Bing Bong all over again.

    7. Genie from Aladdin

    "Unpopular opinion, but he's the worst Disney character of all time. He's too over-the-top and obnoxious. I've hated him since I was a kid."


    I watched Aladdin just last night, and I found that he was one of my favourite characters in the film. I like how over-the-top he is, especially when he randomly transforms himself into things and is a bit crazy, and the reason I think he is like that is because he has been trapped in his lamp for ten thousand years and I doubt there was much room for magic in there.

    8. Woody from Toy Story

    "I don’t understand how we’re supposed to sympathize with him when all he does is whine and act petty."


    I watched Toy Story 3 today, and I found that, yes, he did whine a bit, but you have to cut him some slack. He had his fair share of traumatising things that happened to him. For example, he got trapped in a psychopath's house, found loads of creepy mutant toy things who, by the way, felt pain when they were being pulled apart and put back together again, his friend had clearly gone insane, was kidnapped by a random guy who wanted to sell him to a museum overseas, was almost murdered, thought he was watching all his friends being smashed into little pieces, broken in and out of a maximum security prison(Aka, Sunnyside), helped the warden at the prison(Lotso), was betrayed by him, almost burned to death and that's just from Toy Story's 1-3.

    9. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

    "She literally sings a song to all of the people in her town about how she thinks they are all mediocre and she wants to be better than them."


    Actually, she isn't singing about how they are all mediocre. She is singing about how she wants more in life.

    10. Prince Florian from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    "He’s seen as the hero of the story when all he did was show up, kiss a random teen he’d never met before, and ride off with her on his horse."


    Look, I'm not saying what he did is wonderful or sanitary. But you have to admit, that must have taken a great deal of bravery for him to kiss a corpse.

    11. Merida from Brave

    "Girl, I get that you're pissed at your mom, but go lock yourself in your room for a couple hours, overindulge in some haggis, rage knit or whatever the hell else you can do in medieval Scotland. Feeding your mom shady, druid pastries is NOT the answer. You're lucky your hair is literal fire or I would have to totally hate you."


    I'll admit that she made a massive mistake which she took up the whole plot of the movie to fix. But she wanted to control and change her future and her mom wasn't exactly helping her. We do agree on one thing, however. Her hair is literal fire.

    12. Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

    "She might not be the worst character, but she's definitely the most forgettable. The most memorable thing about her is how little dialogue she has throughout the movie. What does she even do? No one knows."


    Yes, she didn't have much screen time at all because she was asleep the whole time. But you've got to remember that that is the whole point of the movie.

    13. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

    "She's bratty, selfish, and shallow. She left her friends and entire family to go marry a guy she barely knew and only liked for his good looks."


    Here's the thing. Eric was like her celebrity crush, because that's basically what handsome royalty was back then. Yes, not everyone would leave her whole family to be with their celebrity crushes, but again, that was the point of the movie. The original Little Mermaid didn't end well to give us the moral, "Be grateful for what you have." But of course, they couldn't kill Ariel in a Disney movie, now could they?

    14. Anna from Frozen

    "Her sister went through all this trauma after being kept in isolation her whole life and all Anna cares about is her own needs. Whenever she's on-screen, I want a goose to swoop down and carry her away."


    Think of it through Anna's perspective. Her sister was her best friend and all of a sudden she basically just disappeared. Anna had finally found out why and she wants to reconnect with her sister. And what better way to do it than helping her bring back summer?

    15. Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles

    "He put his whole family in danger just because of a midlife crisis."


    When I watched The Incredibles, in my head, the reason why he didn't tell his wife where he was going was because of his midlife crisis and he knew if he told her she would either force him not to go, or go with him to prevent him from dying. He didn't want his wife to risk her own life to save his.

    16. King Agnarr from Frozen

    "He literally locked his own daughter away for years just because she was different."


    Yes, he did pull a Mother Gothel. But he did so for her safety, Anna's safety and the rest of the kingdom's safety. I'm not saying what he did was the best solution, but I guess he thought like zoo keepers. Don't keep a lion in the same pen as the zebras. No hate against Elsa, Elsa is one of my favourite Disney characters that I relate to on soooo many levels.

    17. King Triton from The Little Mermaid

    "I know he had some issues with humans and was trying to protect his daughter, but he was so petty. Like, did he destroy Ariel's prized possessions to protect her or just to spite her?"


    He did have issues with humans because a huge gang of them killed his wife. He didn't want Ariel to go the same way! But, I'll admit, destroying her prized possesions was a bit far.

    18. John Smith from Pocahontas

    "Let's be honest, if he hadn't ended up having the hots for a local girl, his entire story would have just been him walking around chopping trees and singing about conquering nature."


    I actually agree with this one. Not really much else to say.

    19. And finally, the majority of the comic relief characters

    "I hate most of the comic relief characters, like the gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. They're incredibly annoying and ruin the atmosphere of the films. They get WAY too much of the screen time that would have been better spent on someone else."


    Ok, first off, most of the comic relief characters in Disney films are my favourite characters. But I do agree with the gargoyles. The movie is quite dark, and the gargoyles kind of break the atmosphere. But I understand why they are there. Because it is a children's film and without the gargoyles, the movie might have been considered too scary for children.

    Like I said at the beginning, I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong. I just wanted to express my personal opinions about this post. And yes, I know this post was written six months ago, I just hadn't seen it until now.

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