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    Disney Girls That Should Be Considered Disney Princesses, But Aren't Even Considered Unofficial Disney Princesses

    Megara and Esmerelda are not on this list

    So, recently, I've been watching a lot of Disney movies, but not a lot of Disney Princess movies. But there have been some girls that I think deserve to be Disney Princesses. Or at least considered Unofficial Disney Princesses! But I haven't seen any of these girls on those lists of Unofficial Disney Princesses, so I made my own list.

    1. Nani from Lilo and Stitch

    Nani is a girl who recently lost her parents(Like lots of Disney Characters) and has to take care of her younger sister who struggles with making friends and often gives Nani a hard time, she has to work very hard to earn enough to look after Lilo, also has to deal with Bubbles trying to take Lilo away and has to look after the alien Lilo adopted from the animal shelter. Somehow, she doesn't go mentally insane. That is a queen right there.

    2. Honey Lemon from Big Hero Six

    Honey Lemon has to deal with one of her friend's deaths, being there for Tadashi's brother, Hiro, is somehow still bright and cheerful, but sympathetic and kind. Also, she has fabulous hair, is really smart, and is a literal superhero!

    3. Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph

    Where to start, where to start? She is the leader of a team of warriors who need to destroy deadly bugs that could easily kill anyone for children's entertainment everyday, she is an amazing shooter that can kick butt, willingly goes after Ralph and the Cybug, risking her own life even though she knows she won't regenerate and, again, has amazing hair. Also, can we just imagine Calhoun in a crown?

    4. Jessie from Toy Story

    A cow girl, with one of the best animal sidekicks ever, can yodel, impresses Buzz with her incredible toy car roller skating abilities and I can definitely imagine her wearing an amazing crown that puts all the other princesses to shame!

    5. Violet from The Incredibles

    A quiet, shy girl who grows up from a family of outsiders who have to hide their incredible abilities. Violet is also a literal superhero who would also look amazing in a crown, has the ability to disappear and create force fields and, by the end of the movie grows her confidence.

    6. Joy from Inside Out

    Joy always keeps a positive attitude and is incredibly loyal to Riley and always wants what's best for her, even if what Joy thinks is best for her actually isn't. Joy could also definitely wear a crown like a boss! Yes, Joy isn't technically human, but neither is Ariel, so ha!

    7. Boo from Monsters Inc ;)

    Boo could definitely beat Snow White's record for youngest Disney Princess. She has the best outfit, best sidekicks and some of the most evil villains! Again, she would look damn good in a crown.

    8. Franny from Meet The Robinsons

    Ok, does anyone remember Meet The Robinsons? You know, the one about the bowler hat guy who wants to ruin Lewis's future and a random kid named Wilbur brings Lewis to the future, where Wilbur is from? Yeah, well, Franny is awesome. She literally teaches frogs to sing and knows karate and adopts Lewis after knowing him for one day! Yassss, queen!!! Also, she could become the only Disney Princess to have a kid in the original movie, rather than in a sequel. #FrannyForPresident

    9. Princess Atta from A Bugs Life

    Unlike most of the other girls on this list, Atta is actually a princess! She isn't human but, again, neither is Ariel. Atta gets stressed like the rest of us, what with the whole, make the entire colony get food for Hopper and make sure they still have time to get food for themselves thing. Atta, like lots of Disney characters, is missing one parent, in this case her father, which they never addressed.

    What do you think? Yes, most of these aren't princesses, but neither is Mulan, some of these aren't technically even human, but neither is Ariel, and lots of these are from Pixar, but so is Merida.

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