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    All The Disney Princesses Ranked

    This was so hard!

    12. Snow White

    Ah, Snow White, well, do I really need to explain myself here?

    11. Cinderella

    So, long story short, she's been enslaved in her own home her entire life, some sketchy lady appears before her, waves her wand and all her current problems disappear and she now has new problems of being married to a dude she knew for one day. Anna alert over here.

    10. Ariel

    She gave up her entire family for a dude she looked at. Made a deal with a sketchy lady, didn't have a single conversation with Eric and somehow, got herself a happily ever after. Is that really a great message to send to kids?

    9. Aurora aka Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty

    Bruh, she was awake for twenty minutes.

    8. Belle

    Better than the others so far, the bookworm thing definitely works on her, but really, she made some poor choices.

    7. Rapunzel

    She's creative, adventurous, curious, but also a bit naive. Also, she has the best weapon ever.

    6. Moana

    So close to top five! Moana is pretty cool, is strong, resilient, quick-witted and so many other things.

    5. Pocahontas

    Need I say more?

    4. Tiana

    She works incredibly hard to purchase her restaurant. She has her rich best friend Lottie to mooch off, but she doesn't! And when she opens it, it's a massive hit!

    3. Jasmine

    In third place, we have Jasmine! Even though she does get plenty of screen time, we don't see enough of her in the film! She knows she is not one of her dad's toys and wants control over her life and to get out of isolation.

    2. Mulan

    She goes to war to save her dad, knowing she has no experience and could get killed, learns tons of new skills like fighting and archery in a short space of time, which looks so easy when she does it, and is a total pro!

    1. Merida

    Yeah, she's the coolest. One of the only Disney Princesses to not get married by the end of her film, Merida has always been my favourite ever since she came out. In fact, I used to have an imaginary friend who was based off of her character. Ahh, the memories. I also really wanted toy bows and arrows because of her.

    Final Thoughts

    This is just my personal favourites, although I imagine half of the readers disagree, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

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