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    26 Reasons Jacksepticeye Is The Greatest Boss To Ever Boss

    Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: this Irish bastard

    1. Say hello to Seán William McLoughlin, 26, also known as jacksepticeye across YouTube and other social platforms.

    2. He's "the most consistently energetic videogame commentator on youtube".

    3. So to start off, he's hilarious.

    4. His commentary is pure gold.

    5. His dancing skills are too much to handle.

    6. His expressions.

    7. His rage :)

    8. The way he openly dgaf about shipping.

    9. His friendships amongst Revelmode are a joy to witness.

    10. He never takes his 14 million subscribers for granted.

    11. The way he addresses his haters.


    13. Seriously, he's such a candy cane.

    14. But he can still look fine AF when he wants to.

    15. His habit of bursting into song, anytime, anywhere.

    16. ALL THE WAY. 'Nough said.

    17. And ain't no one can contain his level of swag.

    18. Antisepticeye was an actual thing that happened.

    19. Let's also never forget that time he roasted Pewds.

    20. He says the craziest things, which are oh so fun to quote.


    22. He's accepting of everyone.

    23. And although he's a happy, optimistic little ball of sunshine most of the time, he's not afraid to show a soft side.

    24. He tries his very best to choose entertaining games that either make us roll around in stitches from laughing too much, or cry our poor little hearts out.

    25. His love for what he does.

    26. So thank you, Sean, for always being there and brightening our days.