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26 Reasons Jacksepticeye Is The Greatest Boss To Ever Boss

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: this Irish bastard

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1. Say hello to Seán William McLoughlin, 26, also known as jacksepticeye across YouTube and other social platforms.


He lives in Athlone (planning to move to Brighton) with his girlfriend Signe Hansen, 21. He recently hit 14 million subscribers, so congratulations, S

8. The way he openly dgaf about shipping.

Septiplier / Via I could not find the link for this (found it on google images and didn't check the link). Please feel free to claim it.

"It’s perfectly fine to ship septiplier and post pics of Mark and I as septiplier (within reason of course, no smut) in fact I enjoy it cos mark and I are great friends ..."

10. He never takes his 14 million subscribers for granted.


It's come to the point that when anyone says "Thank you" in his Reading Your Comments videos most of us lovingly roll our eyes, because we know Sean/Jack will talk about how much he loves us for 5-10 minutes. The best part about it though is that we know that every time he says it he really means it.

25. His love for what he does.

From the video: 14,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS! / Via

Just take a look at any of his milestone videos - numbers change, but one thing remains: he thanks us constantly for getting him "his dream", and talks about how much he loves and appreciates being there for us everyday.

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