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    What Scene From A Movie Or Television Show Does An Actor's Break Make The Final Cut?

    It's hard being funny and serious all at once.

    Listen: we all know it's hard to be a comedic actor. While we, the audience, are allowed to laugh whenever we want, actors have to stay in character.

    Why? I don't know. Personally, I find it funnier when they break.

    But there have been times when actors just can't help themselves.

    Maybe it's an infamous, not-so-subtle break like the Bathroom Scene in Veep.

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    Glenn Van Herrewege / Via

    This is the funniest improv scene of all time, prove me wrong.

    Or, maybe you caught the way Donna is holding back laughter in this scene in Parks and Rec.

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    Parks and Recreation, NBC / Via

    You can also see Aubrey Plaza trying (and failing) to keep it together.

    Whatever it is, leave a comment below!