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  • We’re All Bisexual: Distorting Sexual Identity And Preference

    Unless you’re living in a vacuum, no opposition can contest that social forces influence the way we act, behave, think, speak, feel, and view the world. One of the most heavily molded aspects of ourselves that is so fundamental to us that we rarely think to question it is our sexual orientation. For most individuals, you’re either cognitively heterosexual or homosexual, with few brave bisexual people in between, and that is the end of it. The purpose of this Buzzfeed article is to examine the true nature of the sexual human being and if these extremes are really apt in defining what many believe to be an innate lack of preference - an attraction to both men and women. Topics we will employ to do this include: 1. History 2. The animal kingdom 3. Researchers and their research 4. What coming out can teach us about social forces oppressing bisexual nature 5. How degrading bisexuality by fetishizing it, condemning it, or labeling it as “confused” affects our expression and cognition of our bisexual selves

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