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Why My Mom Is A Hero: As Told By Kids

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"My mom is a hero because she has lived on this earth for 30 YEARS. Thirty years! I mean, come on people! That's, like, basically forever."

—Ramona, 7

"My mom is a hero because she keeps me safe from strangers. Her food is the best food I've ever tasted!! She can do a thousand things at one time."

—Sophia, 6

"My mom is a hero because she is loving and caring. She's not that funny, but she's strict...which I realize will make me a good person."

—Owen, 11

"My mom is a hero because she drives me to school and to all my sports events and organizes great birthday parties. She also filled up tons of bags of hot water when I got stung by a stingray."

—Jake, 12

"My mom is a hero because, number one, she is very understanding, and number two, she cooks very good food."

—Caroline, 8

"My mom is a hero because she is Spider-Man."

—Mackie, 4

"My mom is a hero because whenever she walks into the room she changes my bad mood into a good mood. And also she helps me solve difficult problems in life."

—Tate, 10

"My mom is a hero when she makes all our white clothes and underpants and socks smell like chlorine because she puts bleach on them, and the smell is like...summertime."

—Charles, 5

"My mom is a hero because she does everything that is so nice."

—Sydney, 6

"My mom is a hero because she brings us to awesome places and does all our dirty laundry. And it's pretty funny when she blames burps on me and my brothers when she's the one who burped!"

—Jason, 11

"My mom is a hero because she puts sunscreen on me so I don't get a sunburn and snuggles with me to put me to sleep."

—Brady, 6

"My mom is a hero because she comes to all my activities and performances and supports me. She will always love me no matter what."

—Carly, 10

"My mom is a hero because she can do the best things ever, things that I like to do. She can also do the worst things ever, things I don't like to do. The one big thing I like about her is that she is always there for us."

—Eli, 13

"My mom is a hero because every time I'm scared, she says, 'You will be fine.' Every time I get hurt, she always has the stuff to fix it. Every time my brothers hurt me, she always comes up and helps me. That is why I love my mom."

—Jonah, 7

"My mommy is a hero because she saves people every day. She is also a hero because she cleans up."

—Harrison, 4

"My mom is a hero because she is funny, nice, cool, and sometimes very serious about things. Sometimes she gives us a ton of chores to do, which I hate, but sometimes she doesn't, which I think makes her cool.

"Even though my mom isn't perfect, she is still the best.

"I love my mom."

—Caleb, 11

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