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13 Things All Thin Mints® Lovers Know To Be True

The love is real. With Quaker® Chewy® Girl Scouts® Granola Bars, you can have it all...with the new, delicious Thin Mints® flavor!

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3. You add them to any classic recipe for a mint chocolatey makeover when you smash them up and sprinkle them in.

✔ Milkshakes

✔ Brownies

✔ Cupcakes


6. Their smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey coating combined with that crunchy inside literally moves you to tears.

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A perfect balance of chocolate crunch mixed with cool mint FTW!

If you're a Thin Mints® lover, then you're in luck! Your snack game is about to hit an all-new level with Quaker® Chewy® Girl Scouts® Granola Bars — Thin Mints® Flavor!! HELLO, LIFE.

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