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12 Ways Being A Parent Is Like A Nonstop Party

Ain't no party like a party with kids 'cause— isn't it your bedtime? Jumpstart your day with Quaker® Real Medleys® Oatmeal+, made with real fruit and nuts.

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1. There's usually some form of confetti to clean up...

2. ...not to mention glitter. So much glitter.

3. Oversharing is a thing that happens all too frequently.

4. Same with tears. Someone needs to be weaned off the bottle!

5. Steam cooking pasta — it's almost like a fog machine!

6. There's always one kid nodding off a little too early...

7. ...and another who desperately wants to crash somewhere.

8. Breaking up fights — yup, that happens.

9. Every house has at least one party animal hogging all the food.

10. Just one toy instrument can rival the most raucous New Year's Eve celebration.


11. Of course, something valuable has to break.

12. And finally, the hosts keep inviting new guests!

It takes energy to run a family. Keep the party going with Quaker® Real Medleys® Oatmeal+ every morning, made with real fruit and nuts.