14 Ways To Have Breakfast Like An Adult

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1. Let the light in.

Open the shades and let the sun’s glorious rays wake you up.

2. Establish the morning mood.

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How ‘bout some classical tunes for the classy human that you are?

3. Set the table.

Paula Daniëlse / Flickr Open / Getty Images

You’re doing great so far.

4. Create a fresh, groovalicious smoothie.

Color is key.

5. Fill your head with knowledge.

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Reading helps wake up your mind.

6. Brew your own coffee.

Why waste $3 for a cup if you can make it just as well?

7. Teach yourself to poach an egg.

Now wouldn’t that be an impressive humblebrag at your next soiree?

8. Use a fancy napkin.

Elin B / CC BY http://2.0 / Via flic.kr

Dab dab dab. Oh man, already so proud of you!

9. Easy on the syrup.

Cavities ain’t that cute.

10. Do some crossword puzzles.

Suzanne Marshall / Flickr Collection / Getty Images

Smart is the new sexy.

11. Don't inhale. Take your time.

Choking on a blueberry would be an embarrassing way to go, y’know?

12. Pinkies up.

Cuz you dainty now.

13. Write in your journal.

Feels nice to reflect.

14. Don't fear the dirty dishes.

Because you’re an adult now, remember?!

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