13 Things You’re Missing Out On By Sleeping In

Morning FOMO: It’s real. Waking up early is a struggle, but there are things you can do to feel accomplished even before stepping foot into the office. Try starting your day with Quaker Real Medleys — bursting with real fruits, real nuts and wholesome multigrain!

1. Sunrises.

There’s that calm, soothing silence of the morning that’s unlike any other time of day.

2. Getting your workout over with.

Nothing can wake you up better than endorphins! Ahhhh, feels nice, right?!

3. Morning talk shows.

Because no one ever wants to hear these words: “Are you kidding? You haven’t heard about *that insanely huge international headline* yet?”

4. Quality quiet time to yourself.

Before the noise of your surroundings takes over and fills your head.

5. Enough time to make your bed before you leave.

Because coming home after a looooong day to a freshly made bed ready for you to curl up in is just so dReAmY.

6. Packing lunch for yourself.

Save some money by bringing your own meal to work!

7. Looking NOT like a disheveled mess.

When you’re running late, it’s tough to get it together, girl. Giving yourself a full morning equals less frantic stress.

8. Baked goods at their peak freshness.

Otherwise, you snooze, you lose.

9. Traffic.

Depending on where you reside, trains and busses leave less frequently after rush hour.

10. The free daily paper.

Cuz there are so many stories to catch up on!

11. Avoiding the line at the coffee shop.

Everyone seems to have their caffeine craving at the same time.

12. Getting some laundry out of the way.

Feels better to have it done than not.

13. Breakfast specials.

Usually only served ‘til 11… Shame for the sleeper-inners!

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