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13 Easy Tricks That Will Turn You Into A Foodie

You don't need to be an artisan food blogger to master incredibly delicious food tricks — it's really quite simple! Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola added yummy crunch to their oatmeal. Let's see what you can do!

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2. Add coconut milk and fresh herbs to your canned chicken noodle soup.


Chicken noodle soup is already famous for being a comfort food, but why not take it to next-level comfort by adding some creamy and rich coconut milk. Toss in some cilantro as well for a tasty Thai twist!

4. Turn your daily fruit consumption into frozen banana soft serve.


Turn up the way you eat fruit by making bananas into a delicious frozen dessert by freezing and blending these bad boys.

5. Roll bacon into your cinnamon buns.

vxla / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 14812197@N00

Perhaps one of the best breakfast food marriages you'll ever taste. Simply roll out your dough, add lots of cinnamon and sugar, and LOTS of bacon. Bake and get the most delicious bites of your life.

6. Make a chocolate cake using pancakes.

Анна Курзаева/Анна Курзаева

Not the best at baking? No problem. Fortunately for you, everyone loves pancakes AND chocolate. Make a stack of very large pancakes and drizzle dark chocolate frosting between each layer. Then drool.

8. Turn your coffee into a food.

Jessie Cross / Via

That's right — jiggly, sweet, edible coffee squares (booze optional). No need to worry about your coffee getting watered down or burning you tongue with this delicious recipe.

9. Add nutmeg to your mashed potatoes.

Sheri L Giblin / Getty Images

Didn't know it was possible to make mashed potatoes even more creamy and savory? Stir in nutmeg to add depth to the potato flavor and make your dinner guests ask, "What is the secret of these mashed potatoes?!"

10. Put cheese on the OUTSIDE of your grilled cheese.

jeffreyw / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 7927684@N03

If you hadn't considered this before, you won't be able to eat a grilled cheese the same way after trying it. Gooey is great — really great — but adding a crusty, crunchy, chewy extra layer of cheese is just downright smart.

11. Use basil ice cubes for your Bloody Marys.

Paolo Nobile / Getty Images

Uh, hello great idea! Instead of using regular, boring ice cubes that water down your Bloody Marys or veggie juices, use basil ice cubes (or any herb), so the more you sip the more flavorful your drink becomes.

12. Put sugar on your tomatoes.

LauralF / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 18295242@N00

Think salt brings out the flavor of tomatoes? Think again! Sprinkle sliced tomatoes with sugar or add sugar to tomato sauce to enhance the sweetness and the taste of the tomatoes.