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12 Ways To Stay Warm When You Have To Get Out Of Bed

Is there anything worse than getting out of your warm bed on a freezing cold morning? Never go through it again with a hot bowl of Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola and these toasty tips.

1. Cloak yourself in wool.


Wool is considered the warmest fabric. It's not super bulky, so you can wrap yourself up and still be mobile enough to get things done around the house before work.

2. Turn up the heat from your bed.


And this is why technology is a thing that's good. Turn your heat down at night so you can get toasty under the sheets, then use your phone to turn the heat back up without ever having to leave your warm bed.

3. Burn a peppermint scented candle.


The scent of peppermint has been proven to wake people up. Burn a peppermint candle while you're getting ready on a cold, blustery morning to feel exhilarated and awake instead of chilly and sad.

4. Get yourself a heated toilet seat!

5. Take a hot bath instead of a shower.


Soaking in a hot bath raises your temperature better than a hot shower — which is prone to those pesky cold spots thanks to drafty shower curtains. Also, how romantic!

6. Use a body scrub and moisturizing oil.

Chris Gramly / Getty Images

Body scrubs are great in the winter for two reasons: They slough off rough skin caused by dry, cold air and cause wonderful, warm friction! Seal in your warmth and your moisture by rubbing in some body oil.

7. Get a lotion warmer.


Oh yes, this exits. It's irrefutable that putting on lotion in the wintertime is one of the worst experiences ever, but not when your lotion is nice and steamy!

8. Dry off and get dressed immediately after bathing.


To trap all the heat you generated in your bath or shower, dry off and get dressed immediately. Walking around with wet hair or wet skin is going to put you back on square one of coldness.

9. Stuff your hands into only the coziest mittens.

SKpoplily / Via

Mittens warm your hands much better than gloves, which isolate your fingers, disallowing them to warm from body heat. Put your cold paws in some soft, fuzzy mittens and relish in the toastiness.

10. Snuggle with your pet. Obviously.


After stuffing yourself into a million layers, pause before going out the door and cuddle with your animal friend. Their body heat will bring you to peak warmth — not to mention that cuddle will warm your heart.

11. Get a cute personalized knit mug warmer.

KnotworkShop / Via

While you've been so worried about yourself getting cold, you didn't even think about how cold your beverage has gotten! Keep that from happening with one of these mug warmers.

12. Put some spice in your coffee or tea.


Take your caffeine up a notch by adding some spice — dark chocolate and chili powder in your coffee, cinnamon and honey in your tea, a dash of pumpkin pie spice in your latte... the list goes on.

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