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12 Nice and Toasty GIFs Perfect For This Frigid Weather

Snuggle up to the screen for warmth. And if you're wanting to have some toasty goodness for breakfast, try some Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola.

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1. Grab a delicious cup of cocoa:

2. Oh, you like tea? Well, this has been steeping for quite some time:

3. Or some coffee can keep you plenty warm:

4. Throw another log on the fire:

5. Find the perfect spot in your blanket:

6. Or swaddle yourself tight:

7. And find a friend for some extra body heat:

8. (Though they sometimes try to get away):

9. Stuffed animals are always a good option:

10. More blankets! Must have plenty of blankets for yourself!

11. You can always barrel roll yourself into some softness:

12. Just make sure to take it nice and easy:

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