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    12 Reasons Sutter Brown Is A Force In California Politics

    California's First Dog seems like an ordinary happy-go-lucky corgi, but as Governor Jerry Brown is currently experiencing a political "revival" is it time to give Sutter some credit?

    1. He helped balance the state's budget...


    Proceeds from Sutter's CafePress page goes to the California's general fund. This year Governor Jerry Brown did the improbable and signed a balanced budget.

    ...and didn't take any credit

    Via Facebook: SutterBrown

    Someone make a Good Guy Sutter meme.

    2. He is a proven diplomat

    3. He was a member of the State Assembly

    Via Facebook: SutterBrown

    One of those April Fool's jokes a lot of people wish were real.

    4. He distances himself from the establishment

    Via Facebook: SutterBrown

    Not only does he take a clever swipe at his political opponents but uses it as an opportunity to plug public health awareness.

    5. He is a grassroots activist

    Via Twitter: @SutterBrown

    He started #Corgis4MarriageEquality long before the President announced his support for marriage equality.

    Via Facebook: cadems

    He takes time out of his busy day to meet with state party activists.

    6. He is an experienced bureaucrat...

    ...and an effective one

    7. He has influence in Washington

    8. He can get voters to the polls

    Via Facebook: SutterBrown

    "Bark the Vote" indeed.

    9. He is good with the media

    Via Facebook: SutterBrown

    Move over C.J. Cregg.

    10. He was influential in getting Prop. 30 passed


    No coincidence that one of Governor Brown's signature accomplishments this term has been something that Sutter was involved with.

    11. He has won an Oscar...sort of

    Via Facebook: SutterBrown

    Not even Sutter gets time during his acceptance speech.

    12. He is a reassuring public figure

    Via Twitter: @SutterBrown

    Governor Brown has since completed his treatment for prostate cancer and is in good health.

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