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WHO ARE YOU - 209 Alfred

209 Alfred(o) sauces

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  1. What's for dinner?

    Hummus, pita and chicken breast from the Arc.
    Something elaborate, hearty and healthy
    Something from home
  2. Friday night. Where are you?

    Wherever the night takes me
    Leaves the club for a house party and/or food
    Lost my IDs :(
  3. Movie/ TV show closest linked to your program

    Criminal Minds
    Dexter from Cartoon Network
    Wolf of Wall Street
    Good Will Hunting
  4. Drink of choice?

    Rye and Whiskey probably at the Mansion
    Pinot Grigio courtesy of the Wine Rack
    Whatever gets me blackout fastest
    Literally anything I'm a lightweight
  5. How clean are you?

    Mr.Clean got nothing on me, yo
    Does doing the dishes count if you hide them in a drawer?
    "I'll do it when I come back - I'm late for a group meeting/ class/LIFE"
  6. Staple outfit

    Go to outfit?

    Body suit, jeans and heels
    Denim jacket and whatever is clean
    Something comfy
  7. Drunk food?

    heavenly cheesy garlic-y pounair goodness
    Hawaiian pizza AND pounair
  8. What are you blasting while you pre?

    Catchy AF rap
    my own drinking songs and chants
    Classic throwbacks and bangers
    Spotify HipHop Central
  9. Taste in men?

    Boys who give me answers and do my homework
    Unavailable - emotionally mentally logistically
    I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked in by T Swift was based on my life actually
    Tall boys
  10. Gym schedule?

    Intramural sports and couple of times a week
    cardio regularly
    I carry a gym bag with pasta and candy around sometimes

WHO ARE YOU - 209 Alfred

You got: Taz - Manian Devil

The most hardworking gal with a big brain and a bigger heart! You are a social butterfly, life of the party and honestly the most friendly, approachable person here at Queen's - just like TAZ!!!!

Taz - Manian Devil
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You got: Kat ~chill~ Hoy

Kathleen ALWAYS bring the fire in kitchen - whether it's delicious meals, creating fire playlists on Spotify or an INSANE amount of notes. You love bars, karaoke and great drinks!!!

Kat ~chill~ Hoy
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You got: ZOE ~ the 1 man show ~ Wall

Work hard - play hard. Literally. Like no in between. Just like Zoe, you go zero to 100 real quick. You come alive from midnight to 4AM - whether it's completing an assignment or at Stages. Zoe will always be there for you - just give her 3 hours notice to do her hair.

ZOE ~ the 1 man show ~ Wall
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You got: Baby Qi

Does you even live at home?!!!?!?! When you're not at Stauff, you - the resident Commie - are in bed eating chips and Photoshopping people onto memes. You have 100% attendance at Friday night Ale but are no where to be found on garbage day

Baby Qi
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