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12 Tips For Hosting An Outside Dinner Or Picnic Without Poisoning Your Friends

Summer in Australia is eating-and-cooking-outside season. Here are some food safety tips to make sure it's a safe one :)

1. Check your chicken.

2. Keep meat in the fridge until you're ready to start cooking.

3. Use a different plate for all cooked meats...

4. ...and don't use the same tongs that you're using to handle cooked and raw stuff.

5. Only take your salads, pâtés, dips, and perishables outside when you're ready to eat.

6. If you've left something out for a total of four hours it might not be worth the risk.

7. Before leaving the house, cut meat into serving sizes and have salads all ready.

This reduces the need to handle your foods more than you have to. Especially handy when there's no hand-washing facilities close by.

8. Keep hot foods hot, and cold food cold...

9. ...and your cooked foods need to be cool before being placed in the esky.

10. Also, anything raw should be packed at the bottom and far away from your ready-to-eat foods.

11. And always keep your coolers/bags in the shade.

12. Food covers are your friends in the fight against birds, insects, and animals.


Enjoy your outdoor dining experiences with friends and loved ones! And get some more food safety tips here.