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14 Little Things We Sometimes Do In The Kitchen That Can Be Really Harmful

Playing it safe with food only takes a few seconds and it's always worth it.

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2. We've washed our chicken.


Who would've thought washing chicken could be dangerous?! But it is. Water droplets can splash from the chicken spreading bacteria around your kitchen.

3. We've maybe left something to defrost out in the sink or on a windowsill...


Don't do it! Defrost in the fridge! It's all about making sure your food's not in the temperature danger zone for too long. That’s between 5 degrees and 60 degrees Celsius.

8. We've all done the "just going to try a little test" thing and burnt our tongue ruining our taste buds before dinner.


Just make sure you don't burn your tongue with all this boiling and reheating pls.

10. We've sometimes used the same chopping board for everything and forgot to wash it...


Differently coloured chopping boards help keep track so you avoid spreading bacteria.

12. We've rinsed our hands thinking we've washed them properly.

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Sorry, fam, but you have to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds (that's two sing-a-longs of "Happy Birthday") to kill the germs.

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