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    Calling All Developers

    Help BuzzFeed go global.

    At BuzzFeed, we know that job listings can sometimes be vague. To that end, we want to take some time to describe the entire experience of working at BuzzFeed. Rather than merely list out all of the basic responsibilities (important to us, but only one part of being a BuzzFeed employee), we want to illustrate in detail what we value, how we work, and our goals. With this, we believe that great developers can decide for themselves whether BuzzFeed fits their vibe.

    This list is long but, despite the Internet age, isn't TL;DR. Hear me out.

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    How the BuzzFeed Tech Team works

    * We built our own in-house CMS with customized tools and use a variety of applications in our stack.

    * We release code all the time. You don't have to wait two weeks to see your code-reviewed implementation make it into production.

    * We give developers the freedom to experiment and the autonomy to create. We don't want to be your pageant mom.

    * We all contribute to product development as a team and as equals—without egos.

    * We are tight with our editorial staff in order to make BF products deliver content to the user increasingly better.

    * We have little pyramidal bureaucracy. We work in small teams toward specific products and goals so that we're not wasting time on busywork.

    * We adhere to rigorous standards of diversity and strive to hire across demographics. It really matters to us.

    * Each week, we gather as a tech organization and learn from other teams about their development and best practices. Sometimes, there is beer. 🍺

    * For an example of products we work on, try creating your own post on BuzzFeed.

    * We freaking love emojis!!!!1 💩

    The International Team at BuzzFeed

    * We're making BuzzFeed go global in 2015 (and beyond)!

    * We're working to increase our global audience, which currently clocks in at 200M unique views per month.

    * We're based in New York, but we're launching in Mexico, Japan, and many more regions this year, as well as expanding our breaking news team to more continents.

    * Yes, we do news—and we're already pretty awesome at it.

    * Web, iOS, Android—we're working on projects spanning all platforms and devices.

    * We ❤️ Maru and Henri, our two favorite foreign cats. So much so that we even named two of our conference rooms after them. 🐱

    What's in it for a developer besides cat GIFs

    * Working in the same office that Madonna and Lil Bub graced with their presence

    * Challenging computer science problems whose solutions directly impact how people around the world consume novel media forms

    * The ability to influence the ways that the journalism, publishing, and advertising industries create and distribute content

    * Snaaaaaacks & draaaaaanks 🍪

    * 💰 in your bank account and 401K

    * Health insurance and a Life section so your 👀, 😬, and gall bladder stay in great shape

    * OMG and LOL stickers for your computer, and maybe your face, if you're into that kind of thing

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    Our New York headquarters, featuring yellow anthropomorphic furniture.

    Who we are looking for

    * Front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers

    * Developers looking to solve engaging computer science problems involving viral content, publishing, and how people share content

    * Developers interested in internationalizing software and products

    * Developers who love new media like BF Motion Pictures original videos and Portlandia quizzes

    * Developers wanting to work at a profitable company and influence a new product venture

    Your physical location can be flexible. We're based out of the Flatiron District in New York City, but we also have developers in LA and happy to consider remote developers.

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    We have editorial offices established in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Berlin, and São Paulo. All that white? Our oyster. Either that, or water.

    We just received $50M in funding last August, and we're expanding rapidly worldwide. TBH, it's exciting here right now. We're interested in hiring any developers interested in internationalizing online publishing and creating new media formats. See the official job listing for more details, as well as our jobs page for other developer and tech opportunities.

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