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Which Member Of QDP Are You? Quiz

want to see who you are out of the dynamic 5? take this quiz!!!

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  1. Whats you favorite color

    Something Boring
  2. How many times a day do you brush your teeth

    As many times as I remeber
    I aim for 2
  3. What sort of music are you into

    Whatever my friends like
    This super dope British rap
    Elevator Music
    60s and 70s stuff
  4. How many boats do you have?

    like 16 counting all the dinghies and project boats
    Did I mention that this boat is actually mine? like i bought it and it's MINE?
  5. How close is the nearest member of QDP from you?

    40 minutes
    An hour
    8 hours
    10 hours
    2 hours
  6. What is your go-to complaint subject

    The Yacht Club
    My mom
    My hair
    The friend group dynamic
  7. You are all hanging out on big pier. What are you doing?

    Swan dives for dayz
    Watching from afar with binoculars
    Taking pictures
  8. You walk into the West Falmouth Market. What do you buy?

    Drinks and then back to my house for lunch
    Th Black Beach (its not on the menu anymore but I try)
    Skip lunch, go straight to Eulindas. Do not pass go, do not collect $200
    Some household item I forgot at the store, and the Falmouth Enterprise
  9. Preferred Snapchat Pose

    Dump snap
    Just the eyes and above
    Mt wood-paneled room
    A blank face
    Something about my luscious hair

Which Member Of QDP Are You? Quiz

You got: You aren't a member of QDP!

Surprise! You are not a member of QDP. Or don't be surprised. We aren't. Did you seriously think you could take a stupid Buzzfeed quiz and become a member of West Falmouth's most elite brotherhood? Do you even know whet QDP stands for? Oh. You do? Well don't say it because its inappropriate and we would all be ashamed of you if you did so. Be gone!

You aren't a member of QDP!
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You got: J. Klaus

Seriously? How could you? this quiz was meant to be a joke, a decoy and you got the easter egg. You're a creepy dude who takes radio language too seriously and "coincidentally" always chooses the young girls to run races with. Keep it in your pants and on your boat dude.

J. Klaus
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