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How Syria's Dictator Creates An Alternate Reality On Facebook

According to Bashar Al-Assad's meticulously updated Facebook page, his country doing just fine. Never mind the civil war.

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Even as horrifying images, news and footage continue to spill out of Syria's civil war, Bashar Al-Assad's Facebook page, about 325,000 supporters strong, insists that all is well in Syria and that rumors of terror in Syria are spawned by "masonic" western media and "terrorist" Free Syrian Army.

Assad's Facebook page is a shocking look into what a leader's social media presence looks like in a time of national chaos. It is boldly focused on dispensing a collected, positive image of Syria -- one in which the rebels are terrorists and the will of the people is drowned out by Western interests. It is a Facebook that mirrors many of Assad's most resounding real-life criticisms.

"[This video] shows that Syria is still fine... The image is in front of you, and the judgment is for you."

Via Facebook:

This video, posted on Assad's Facebook page, is a bucolic tour of Syria, featuring singing Assad-supporters and swans on a river; not featured are the landscapes scarred by a civil war that has taken an estimated 17,000 lives.


From a Wednesday afternoon post: "the victory is near, and tell the Syrian National Army that 'it is your time for victory and pride.'"

Meanwhile, sources confirm that Assad's cabinet has rebuffed international advisory to surrender power, as rebel forces gain stronger footing in Aleppo and seize control of state military missiles and vehicles.


"Only and exclusively on the screens of the masonic media..."

The cartoon depicts a Syrian rebel shooting from a protective bunker of media outlets that have spoken out against Assad. The soldier is saying "God is the greatest."

Sanaa Hasan: "And God's curses on them and their screens."
Hashem Ramadan: "God protect you Mr. President."
Seba Slovei: "God's the greatest."
Abou Zelzal: "Mercenaries"
Hani Ali: "Just because they are the scum of their God!"

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