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    19 People Who Forced Their Way Into The Political Conversation Through Twitter

    Some are professional politicos, others hyperactive students or bored lawyers. But they all matter this cycle because of the place their rhetorical chops won them in the meritocracy of Twitter.

    1. @zerlinamaxwell

    2. @comfortablysmug

    3. @NYCsouthpaw

    4. @ExJon

    5. @emokidsloveme

    6. @viewofadam

    7. @SteveKing_

    8. @collegepolitico

    9. @pourmecoffee

    10. @bradthor

    11. @TabithaHale

    12. @stefanjbecket

    13. @shannityshair

    14. @therickwilson

    15. @LOLGOP

    16. @Lis_smith

    17. @timodc

    18. @TheTonyLee

    19. @TeresaKopec