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The 17 Stages Of Going On A Run

If you have a love/hate relationship with running

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1. When you wake up and can't decide if you're excited about exercising....

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...or dreading it

2. So then you spend all day pretending not to think about it

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You plan your day around it: "Do I eat now? Later? I can't be full, but if I'm hungry I'll crash!!!"

3. Until you have some coffee...

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...and then IT'S SO GO TIME

4. You spend forever trying on running gear

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To motivate yourself, duh

5. And then even more time making the perfect playlist


Because running is basically an excuse for non-stop jamming out

6. At first when you start out it's pretty much a mess


Because you're all creaky and sore and your legs hate you

7. But then you hit your stride


And all is right in the world

8. Until the coffee hits your tummy...

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...and gives 'the runs' a whole new meaning

9. Sometimes you find the best outdoor adventure trails


And you feel like the only person who truly appreciates nature and just plain ol' being alive

10. And then suddenly, it happens...

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RUNNER'S HIGH!!!!! People stare at you like you're crazy when you run by them grinning, but haters gonna hate

11. Running starts to just feel like your new state of being


You barely even notice that your legs are still moving

12. But eventually, the miles start to take a toll

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And you're all: "Empires have risen and fallen, men have lived and died, and I'M STILL RUNNING. HOW!?!?!"

13. You push yourself and refuse to quit

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Because you're fierce af

14. And you finally finish...


...even if it's on your hands and knees

15. For a little while, eating is the last thing you'd want to do

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Even the thought of food is nauseating

16. Until eating is all you can think about


"I'll have one of everything on the menu...with a side of fries"

17. And finally, post stuffing-your-face and hot shower...


...sweet, blissful ~ s l e e p ~. Another day of #beastmode in the books. Tomorrow: wake up and do it all again!

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