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I Tried To Beat My Winter Blues By Having The Most Fun Possible In One Day, And Here’s How It Went

Lots of candy...check!

Hi, I'm Isabella. I don't know about you but I usually experience a 🚨major winter slump🚨 this time of year. It's always dark! It's always cold! And without fail, I am therefore always miserable!

Thankfully, to inspire my day of fun, Push Pop sent me a bunch of its *new* Push Pop Gummy Pop-its candy.

I had to start my day with some glitter. Obviously.

Beauty experts — ✋ I know I look like a toddler who got into her mom's makeup. But I *also* know that glitter makes everything better.

With my full face on, it was time to dive into the candy — for motivation, of course. Just like a Push Pop, I learned these involve a cool interactive element too.

I'm a true stan of anything "Blue Raspberry," so I made a game of trying to pop only the light blue babies out.

Instantly, inspiration struck. I realized there was a sure-fire way to make my day super fun — and it involved my beloved BFFs.

Plus...there were dogs there.

My friends may have judged me when I rolled up with glitter everywhere, but at least Pepper the dog seemed to love my new look.

Amongst my friends, our love language⁠ is sharing snacks — so we worked together to assemble a gorgeous little charcuterie board.

Dogs? Patted. Gossip? Spilled. Cheese? Scarfed. Mood? Instantly boosted.

This candy goes quick when your friends are stealing from your container *ahem*, but thankfully you can open it up and refill.

Then we were off to participate in my favorite sport of all time: karaoke.

There is something so therapeutic about doing a big show-stopping BELT to a '90s power ballad and forcing all your friends to sit down and listen.

With lots of candy in our systems and music in our hearts, we decided to conclude our special day by finishing off the sparklers we still had from New Year's.

As I headed home from my extra fun day, I felt totally renewed. It didn't actually take much for me to get out of my slump, which was a VERY good reminder for me as I truck on with winter. Some glitter, dogs, friends, and sweet treats (of course) were all I needed to have a really fun time. Maybe winter isn't so bad after all.

If you wanna make your day extra fun too, check out Push Pop Gummy Pop-its here!