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21 Reasons Our New Secretary Of State Can't Stop The Clean Energy Freight Train

Rex Tillerson, the 40-year ExxonMobil employee and ex-CEO, has been confirmed by the Senate as Donald Trump's Secretary of State. Sure, essentially his only job has been working for an oil company. He was appointed by one of the most rabidly anti-environment administrations in modern American history. And he is a close friend to Russia who is desperately hoping Tillerson will help prop up their tenuously fossil fuel-reliant government! But Rex is just one diplomat, from one country, as the world is turning towards cheaper, cleaner, safer renewable energy. Here are just a few reasons he's not turning this clean energy ship around.

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3. 194 countries have signed the Paris Climate Agreement, and it's been ratified by 123 countries, representing over 80% of global emissions.


That's a lot of countries committing to reduce emissions and limit warming to the 2 degree celcius threshold.

4. And last year at the Marrakech climate conference, 48 countries committed to move to 100% renewable electricity.

Great progress at COP 22: 48 countries commit to 100% renewable energy. #Go100RE #1o5c #COP22…

10. ...and powering an entire island in American Samoa.

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