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13 Cats Who Are Totally Overachieving

Forget giving the paw and rolling over – this is the big league. Meet the world's most extraordinary felines, courtesy of Purina Pro Plan.

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1. This cat who has an office job.

2. This really accomplished feline nanny.

3. This cat who is simply too good for walking on four legs.

She's got surprisingly good moves for a quadruped.

4. This cat, who's forging a TV career – whether he's invited or not.

5. This cat, whose skills need no further explanation.

6. This trainee stunt-cat.

7. This excellent parent.

8. This cat, for whatever he did to earn this.

9. The cat, who spots his human's workout.

"Nice lats, bro," he seems to say.

10. This cat - WHO WILL NOT BE FOOLED.

11. This guy.

12. Spider-Cat!

13. And this cat, who trumps all by having his own cat.

Now that's meta.

Every cat is exceptional – make sure she stays happy and healthy with the new Purina Pro Plan Nutrisavour!

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