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10 Amazing Dogs That Are Too Good To Be True

These talented dogs will shock you with their skills. Make sure to always let your dog soar to its full potential with Purina Pro Plan.

1. A dog who is as smart as a toddler.

@Hans Surfer / Via

Most dogs can respond to two or three commands. A border collie named Chaser knows over 1,000 words. Chaser can identify 1,000 toys by name. Watch this video to believe it.

*Please note this is not an actual photo of Chaser*

2. A dog who is over 3.5 feet tall.

Kevin Scott Ramos / Guinness World Records / Via

Zeus measures 44 inches from foot to shoulder. When Zeus stands on his hind legs, he is 7'4". Zeus weighs 155 pounds and eats a 30-pound bag of food every two weeks. Read more here.

3. A pup who is under four inches.


Milly is a Chihuahua who is smaller than a sneaker. She is nearly two years old, but she is 3.8 inches long, from her backbone to her paw. D'aw! Read more here.

4. A dog's ears that are over a foot long.

Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records / Via

A coonhound named Harbor has the longest ears of any living dog, with measurements of 12.25 in (31.1 cm) for the left ear and 13.5 in (34.3 cm) for the right. Coonhounds are known for their droopy ears, which are used to sweep scents from the ground, but Harbor is ahead of the pack!

5. These 13 pups can jump rope together.

Shinsuke Kamioka / Guinness World Records / Via

These amazing dogs are in Uchida Geinousha's Super Wan Wan Circus. Watch the video here.

6. A dog who can ride a scooter.

Scott Wintrow/Stringer / Via

Norman is not a show dog, but he sure does love to ride on a scooter. Check out the adorable videos of him riding here.

*Please note this is not an actual photo of Norman*

7. A dog who does the laundry.

Tim McClean Photography / Via

A service dog named Duffy can do what you dread most on Sundays: the laundry. She uses a machine with a bark activation and a "paw level" start button. Read more here.

*Please note this is not an actual photo of Duffy*

8. A dog who paints for charity.

Tony C French / Via

Arbor is a rescue dog who paints for charity. His owner sells Arbor's paintings to raise money for victims of natural disasters and for local animal shelters.

See the paintings here.

*Please note this is not an actual photo of Arbor*

9. A dog who can dance to '80s music.

Fotografias de Rodolfo Velasco / Via

This dog in Kazakhstan dances to '80s music. Yeah. Just watch the video here.

*Please note this is not an actual photo of the dancing dog*

10. And, most importantly, a dog who likes to hold his owner's hand in the car.


Take a seat. This is too adorable.