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13 Hilarious Dog-Grooming Struggles Every Dog Owner Has Faced

Being a dog parent truly is a wild ride.

1. Realising your dog needs a bath and mentally preparing yourself for what you're about to undertake.

2. Finally getting your dog into the bath, only to watch him do this:

3. And after all that effort, be met with a totally displeased pup.

My mom took my dog a bath and sent this to me. I feel like it should be a meme. Twitter do ya thing 😂

4. Brushing your dog's beautiful coat, only to end up with it everywhere.

5. Trying and failing to trim your dog's nails, because they are totally incapable of sitting still.

6. Fearing for your fingers every time you clean your dog's teeth.

7. And getting hit with some seriously stinky dog breath in the process.

8. Foolishly hoping your dog won't jump on the sofa as soon as you come home from a muddy walk.

9. Putting up with the lovely "wet dog smell" after they've splashed around in a puddle.

10. Feeling a deep pang of guilt every time you take your dog for a haircut.

Taking my dog to get a trim at the groomers makes me feel like a bad dog mom because he thinks he’s going to the park. 💔

11. Being forced to come up with really creative ways to get your pup to eat their worm pill.

12. Going to a fancy dog-grooming salon to see things like "dog facial" on the services list.

13. But shelling out the big bucks anyway, because your pup deserves it.

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