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Dog Treat Hook Rack

Get in the daily routine with this dog accessory wall

Equipment needed:
Softwood, such as pine, cut to size (65cm by 30cm for mount board)
Wood glue
Masking tape or a clamp
Gaffer tape
Paint of your choice
Screw-in hooks
2 picture frame hangers

Measurements for the container:
20cm by 7.5cm for front wall
20cm by 9.5cm for base
7.5cm by 7.5cm for the two sides

1) Start by building the container. Use wood glue to secure the wood of the container together. Hold it in place with masking tape or a clamp until it dries.
2) Next, attach the container to the mount board by using gaffer tape to mark the desired position and hold it in place.
3) Drill 4 small holes through the back of the mount board and continue into the back of the container.
4) Use screws to secure the container to the mount board.
5) Paint it however you like.
6) Customise it with your dog's name or other designs/drawings.
7) Screw the hooks into the mount board.
8) Screw 2 picture frame hangers into the back of the mount board.
9) Hang it up and fill it with doggy accessories, such as Purina Dentalife!