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9 Toys You And Your Cat Can Both Enjoy

Laser pointers might not be as fascinating to you as they are to your cat—at least once you're out of middle school—but these activities will have you both entertained for hours. Or at least until it's nap time. (But taking a nap with your cat is just another way that people and pets are #BetterTogether.)

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1. Catch the Bird


Debatably the most "classic" game to play with your cat is making him chase a "bird" attached by a string to a pole. Though it may not look like a bird to you, that thing's as real to your cat as the seagull that stole a fry from you that one time. Except it's much less violent.

2. You Vs. Cat


Think you're smarter than a cat? Maybe, but that doesn't mean your reflexes are better. Put it all the to test with You Vs. Cat, like a modern Pong that cats can also play (which is way better than versus a human).

3. Hide and Seek

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The only thing that loves hide and seek more than kids is cats. And the fact of the matter is, they're better at it. Hide behind anything—couch, bed, doors—and chances are, they'll find you. They always find you.

4. Cat Fishing


Yet another way for your cat to enjoy your tablet as much as you do, in this game your cat has to catch as many fish as possible before the timer runs out. And if you really want to do it right, bring your cat with you next time you go fishing. Fur real.

5. Peek a Prize Box


The Peek a Prize is basically a cat version of Whack-a-Mole, which means it's way cuter and also you don't have to actually whack things. Hide some stuff in the box and watch your cat(s) go nuts trying to get at it. The possibilities are endless.

6. Jack-in-the-Box


Your cat will spend hours trying to figure out what is in that box, and how it got there. You can spend hours filming it. And with any luck, the end product will get as many views as many hours your cat spent enjoying the mystery.

7. The Hand Trick


Basically the only time you can get your cat to not fall asleep on your bed is to hide your hand under the covers and wiggle your fingers around so the blanket moves. Your cat will think he's being approached by an unknown enemy and will pounce on it as though it's his prey.

8. TV

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If you're both feeling like having a lazy day, then why not spend some quality (screen) time together? Fire up the computer and sit your cat on your lap. Chances are, if you put on an interesting enough video for 'em (like Mr. Bean, obviously), they'll pay just as much attention as you.

9. Ping Pong


Okay, okay… it might not look exactly like this, but it'll be just as fun and even easier. All you need is a cat and a ping pong ball (or two, most likely). Then, get this: throw it at the wall and watch your cat go bonkers trying to catch it—or at least bounce along with it.