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10 Reasons You Wish You Could Take Your Pet Everywhere

Friends are great and all, but pets make even better companions out there in the real world. Here's a few reasons why. And even if you can't bring your pets everywhere, for one day you can experience what it would at LEAST be like to have your #PetsAtWork. Celebrate National Bring Your Pet to Work Day on June 21.

1. You'd be the most popular person wherever you went

2. They understand your body language

3. If you lost your keys, they'd get them for you

4. They'll finish your food, even if you don't

5. Even when they get frustrated with you, they look cute doing it

6. They don't let anything get them down

7. They've always got your back

... And you've always got theirs.

8. They clean up after themselves

9. They give GREAT massages

10. And, most importantly, they know that safety ALWAYS comes first.