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12 Things You Should Feel Totally OK Saying No To This Year

January may be over, but there is still a lot of 2020 left to start saying no to things that you just...can't even (and SHOULDN'T!) with.


2. Workouts you legit dread

3. Awkward small talk

4. Destination weddings you don't want to attend

5. Weddings in general you don't want to attend

6. Too many work happy hours

7. Having to explain to family members why you are not at the life stage they think you should be at

8. Social media-friendly food and drink trends that do not appeal to you in the slightest

9. Being a host with the most when you'd rather just...not

10. Perfectionism

11. Meetings just for the sake of meetings

12. And feeling like you need to respond instantly to every text you get or your friends and family will disown you

Start saying no to the things that don't matter in life so you can focus on the ones that DO! And while you're at it, say no to artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors with Pure Leaf iced tea.

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