17 Dogs You Need To See Before The World Ends

All the cute you need TODAY.

Puppystream is the #1 photo-sharing community for dog lovers. Get your dog featured.

1. Bowser wonders why you hide a tiny elf around the house. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

Bowser kills it. More of him here.

2. Pixel wonders why anyone expects you to be productive the day after the office holiday party.

3. Ariel wonders why you pin things on Pinterest that you will never ever ever make.

Those eyes! Be still my heart. Follow Ariel’s adventures.

No dog of your own? NO PROBLEM. Stalk your favorite pups and never miss an “awwwww!” moment again, you guys, because WHO DOESN’T LOVE PUPPIES? Go. We’ll be right here waiting for you.

4. Simba wonders why everyone keeps talking about a cliff named Fiscal.

5. Chip wonders if Lena Dunham’s book proposal leak IS Girls Season 2.

6. Sonny wonders why the Modern Seinfeld Twitter feed didn’t happen sooner. .

Yes, he does the head tilt in like almost all his photos. You —-> Here.

7. Toby wonders why you insist on checking your ex’s Facebook page.

8. Penelope wonders why Homeland had to go and get all weird this season.

9. Hank wonders why you haven’t already added your dog on Puppystream. WHY.

10. Chase wonders why New Year’s Eve is always over hyped.

11. Austin wonders why everyone freaked out over 12/12/12.

12. Banksy wonders why a monkey was wearing a coat at Ikea.

A Banksy of Banksy exists. GO.

13. Floyd wonders why you keep saying you’ll make it to the gym in January. Put. the. cookie. DOWN.

14. Paisley wonders when all of the Gangnam Style parodies will go away.

15. Maude wonders why more people don’t accept others for who they are at heart.

16. Louis wonders why we’re just now finding out that the brontosaurus never existed.

17. Marley wonders why you aren’t ALREADY following him on Puppystream.

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