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    10 Indie Web Series The Geek In You Will Love

    There's a web series for everything! Cooking, sports, sketch comedy- you name it. We've all seen "The Guild" (probably multiple times). But how's a geek to wade through all the stuff out there and find the indie series made for them? Lucky for you, we have done the hard part for you! Check out our top 10 indie series below!

    1. Or So the Story Goes

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    "Or So the Story Goes" takes beloved stories from your childhood and stomps on them (in a fantastically wonderful way) twisting a different tale each season with a dark & scary breath of fresh air. This season "Happy Thoughts" tells the story of Peter Pan. Instead of a boy that won't grow up- a menacing ghost that won't move on. When he falls in love with the new tenants' teenage daughter Wendy, things take a terrible turn. Enter Peter's nemesis Jane Hook & her team of paranormal investigators.

    While this series is geared toward teens (and even uses teens in cast & crew) don't let it fool you- it's perfect for adults, too!

    If you like: "Once Upon a Time", R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps"

    2. Time Keeper

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    "Time Keeper" follows Mitch- a man no longer living a linear existence. As the powers from the future continue to push him further back in time, he is left with no memory of previous experiences. Of course Mitch’s inevitable fight with the unknown powers cause for some exciting action as Mitch tries to save the world.

    If you like: Dr. Who, Quantum Leap

    3. Derrick & Sally Bathtub Killers

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    Derrick has awoken from a drunken blackout with a problem- he's in bed with an underage girl and has no memory of the night before. Luckily, the bodies piled in the bathtub help him realize he didn’t have sex with a minor, just murdered some people…. whew.

    If you like: Dexter, The Voices, Fargo

    4. I Can't Even

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    Every fanboy & fangirl knows what it's like when they can't even. "I Can’t Even" captures the insanities of various fandoms in a series of sketches about 'one apartment, two friends, and an exponential number of fandoms to argue about.'

    If you like: Big Bang Theory, Portlandia

    5. MorganVille

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    Welcome to Morganville! Claire Danvers moves to an isolated college town in Texas with no reason to suspect any danger. Cue the moment she is forced off campus and into the Glass House, which holds a secret: Morganville’s owned by vampires... oops.

    If you like: The Vampire Diaries, Twilight

    6. The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy

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    Everyone has to grow up, right? Well, not if Peter Pan has anything to say about it! Peter, a late-twenties man-child and comic book artist living in the small town of Neverland Ohio, has three life goals: 1) NEVER GROW UP. 2) Have as much fun as humanly possible while doing as little work as possible. 3) Win the heart of his best friend, Wendy Darling.

    If you like: The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, The Office

    7. Nights at the Round Table

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    Sam has just moved back to town. After running into an old friend from school, he is unwittingly pulled back into the world of table top gaming (and all the chaos within).

    If you like: The Guild, Grandma’s Boy

    8. Neverland (The Larp Series)

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    "neverland" is a situational comedy set entirely at a high-fantasy themed Live Action Role Playing game somewhere in the woods of New Jersey- one weekend a month, a bunch of devoted nerds gather together to breathe life into the fantasy world of 'Tarra.'

    If you like: Role Models

    9. Geek Therapy

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    Geek Therapy puts you inside the office of a “Geek Therapist”. Her job? To measure her patient’s GQ (Geek Quotient). Each episode brings us a new patient. Wonder if our insurance covers this?

    If you like: Web Therapy

    10. A Cure for Dead

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    A zombie sickness has taken over the world for 2 years. Arlin, the only survivor in a group of scientists working to find a cure has escaped with his life and soon enlists the help of three survivalists to help get him (and the zombie cure) to Nevada.

    If you like: The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead