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The Faces Of "Punk'd"

We liked Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd" because it was so satisfying to see a truly shocked, frustrated, or scared celebrity. And since the show is coming back to MTV, we compiled the images of what we believe are the best facial expressions people made during their pranks. Check out our impressive collection, and see what a scared Taylor Swift looks on "Punk'd," which airs Thursdays at 10/9C, only on MTV.

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Justin Timberlake

This is Justin Timberlake when he found the "IRS" outside his house, watching as they seized his possessions because he owed back taxes. He, of course, didn't, but he's still never been the face of Nike.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was making smalltalk with a stranger when his girlfriend stormed in and began yelling that he was talking to another woman. Since she married Tom Cruise, though, this is now probably her default expression.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry let his friend take him to a sketchy location to check out a yellow Porshe that was "REALLY REALLY REALLY" on sale. So he was terrifically scared when the cops barged in and accused him of trying to buy a stolen vehicle. And "Friends" had just ended, so the nerves Perry was probably feeling as an out of work actor may have made him extra jittery.

Jamie Pressly

It's unclear whether or not this was the moment Jamie Pressly learned that hungry child laborers were sewing together the pieces for her clothing line, or that she got her hands on the very last navy blue Kangol.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel thought she was being nice by talking to a young fan, but she was stunned when the kid told his dad she cursed at him. As the dad was yelling at her, Biel wondered why the dad didn't consider the unlikelihood of her ever cursing in front of a child (especially since she grew up on the set of "7th Heaven," where "tampon" was considered a bad word).


Eve refused to help a new PA save his job by saying she was the one to knock over an important producer's desk. She also refused to acknowledge that every single person in mankind also wants to have paw prints and claw marks tattooed on their chests.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's driver told her to stay in the car, as he was just going be a minute in a drug store. But when another guy (not the driver) told her to get out so he could steal the vehicle, she did nothing. Here, we see her disappointed that her apology has been painfully rejected.


Beyoncé was confused when the Christmas tree she decorated for underprivileged children suddenly (and inexplicably) tumbled to the ground...because she wasn't being a diva! She dismissed her lice concerns and put on someone else's hat (ew), and even wore the tacky safety vest when she was on the forklift!


A cop pulled Brandy over and found stolen jewelry in her brother's backpack. She tried to end the problem by making the officer understand why thousands of performances of "The Boy Is Mine" means she knows what's hers and what's not.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood knocked over a museum's precious artifact from some B.C. year (estimated worth: $50,000). Since "Thirteen" had just come out, she's wondering just how many tongue piercings she's going to have to get before her debt to the museum is paid.