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Best Moments In "Punk'd" History

Each and every one of Ashton Kutcher's pranks were memorable, but a select few stand out above the rest. Here are our favorite moments from the first few seasons, and tune in to MTV Thursdays at 10/9C to see if the new generation of pranksters has what it takes to make it into "Punk'd" royalty.

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Zach Braff Promises He's Not Going To Hit A Kid

Zach Braff caught a kid doodling on his $100,000 Porshe with spray paint. Even though he was furious, he told the security guard he wasn't going to hit the kid (but yeah, the idea crossed his mind).

Justin Timberlake's Stunned Silence

Justin Timberlake earned a lot of laughs from viewers when he did little more than cry on the phone to his mom as the IRS repossessed his house.

Elijah Wood Is So Scared He Can't Talk

A dumpster explosion left Elijah Wood so shaken that when bystanders asked him what happened, he could only muster up enough linguistic skill to tell them how scared he was.

Penelope Cruz Establishes Herself As A Fecal Expert

Penelope Cruz wanted to get an entire restaurant to believe Salma Hayek left a huge bowel movement in the ladies room. But before the prank even started, Cruz told Kutcher the "specimen" wasn't realistic enough.

Ashlee Simpson Looks For Someone Else To Blame

Ashlee Simpson hoped she wouldn't have to take the blame for starting a fire in an art gallery. Her plan was to let someone else take the fall...just like she did when she was caught lip syncing on "SNL" in 2004.

Tracy Morgan's Conflicting Emotions

The best part of Tracy Morgan's prank was how you could see on his face that he didn't know if he was supposed to be calm or angry.

Ashton Kutcher Cancels The Second Season Of "Punk'd"

Not all of the pranks on "Punk'd" were excellent, but a definite highlight was when Ashton told his crew there wasn't going to be a second season.

Nick Lachey Calls Jessica Simpson's Relatives "White Trash"

Nick Lachey tried to be polite to Jessica Simpson's "family" when they unexpectedly showed up at their house. But the situation got worse when he flat out told Jessica her "white trash" relatives were not going to live in their backyard.

Wilmer Valderama Doesn't Interfere With The Destruction Of His Escalade

Wilmer Valderama did absolutely nothing to stop a guy from trashing his Escalade...unless you count breathing and maintaining consciousness.