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These New Classics From Puma Are Bound To Be A Staple In Your Wardrobe

For a timeless, sleek look, Puma's Mayze Classic, Cali Dream, and Suede sneakers have you covered. Shop them today!

When it comes to functional footwear with a chic edge, Puma's forever classics are a go-to.

Product image of Puma Mayze Classic shoes

For a street-style groove, throw on a pair of Mayze Classics, edgy sneaks characterized by an explosive combination of urban glamour and athletic chic.

Product image of Puma Mayze Classic shoes

Mayze Classics feature a chunky stacked sole and a genuine leather upper, which give the shoes a half-classic, half-hardcore vibe.

Influencer Shannonshui wears Mayze Classic sneakers

An evolution of the classic PUMA California, the Cali Dream is a style staple that goes with everything and elevates any look.

Person wears Puma's Cali Dream sneakers while on a bike

Its design is bold and dreamy, with a stacked sole and crisp color blocking.

Person ties the laces on their Cali Dream sneakers

Easy to wear and seamlessly styled into any look, Puma Suede's timeless silhouette is remixed and reinterpreted by each new generation.

Influencer JasmineCorly's hand is posed atop her Puma Suede sneakers

No matter how you wear them or where they take you, Puma Suedes are an undeniable classic.

Close-up image of Puma Suede sneakers

Imagery courtesy of Puma unless otherwise noted.

Whether its a Suede, a Mayze, or a Cali Dream, find your forever classic with Puma today.