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25 Relatives You'll Find In Every Desi Family

A family that eats, lives, vacations, gossips, and prays together... Probably needs some therapy.

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9. Your sister's fiancé who acts like a tough guy around your family but is secretly terrified of everyone.


Just a hunch: Peeing in your pants every time you talk to your future in-laws is probably not a good way to gain their respect.

11. Your tayi who is just never impressed by anything.

Hypervocal / Via

Dear aunt grumpmaster senile, I'm genuinely sorry that the world isn't all peachy and orderly like back when you were growing up... in the 1600s.


17. The competitive aunties.

Pulkit Datta / Via

"Oh, your son just got into Harvard? Well, mine is being pursued by Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, IIM, Yale and Cambridge, all of whom are lining up to give sexual favors to get him to accept, all while he's busy running his successful drug trade and offshore banking empire, and swatting off the most beautiful and richest female suitors, as he finishes his fifth bestselling young adult novel about a handsome and powerful Indian boy gifted with superpowers and who is eternally devoted to his ever-so-caring and amazing mother!"


21. Your nana who will seize any opportunity to dismiss your problems and launch into a sermon about how easy your life is.

Ki Gandh Paya / Via

"In my day, we had to walk fifty kilometers to school every day. Barefoot. Through a forest. Fighting off hyenas. Going uphill. Both ways."

23. The one white person who married into your family and still isn't trusted because your relatives think he's plotting a colonial invasion.

Superb Gifs / Via

Your British friends would love to visit India? Where have we heard that before!

25. ... And your chacha ki biwi ke mausa ki behen ke pati ka bhatija ki nani ki poti ke kutta ka padosi ke bhai ki sauteli-maa ki bhabhi ki bhanji ka doosra bhai who sends you a friend request. Which you accept.

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