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    22 Reasons India's Election Is The World's Greatest Soap Opera

    India's 814 MILLION voters go to the polls this week in the granddaddy of elections, the largest democratic process ever. This sets the stage for epic drama with a cast of characters that will put any TV soap to shame.

    1. The Godmother

    2. The Retiree

    3. The Prince

    4. The Challenger

    5. The Newbie

    6. The Tweet

    7. Sassy Newspapers

    8. The Sexy/Awkward/Embarrassing Birthday Song

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    MALLIKA SHERAWAT could qualify as an actor but mostly stays in the news for doing nothing. That and channeling Marilyn Monroe by singing Happy Birthday for Modi. If that's not awkward enough, this reputed news channel decides to repeat it three times in a row as a "news report".

    9. King of Bling

    10. Queen of Plastic

    11. Amma

    12. How Old Is This Guy And How Is He Still Functioning?

    13. Stalin

    14. A Few Dozen Statues Should Do It

    15. Didi

    16. The News Anchor

    17. You Can Never Have Enough Hardline Right-Wing Peeps

    18. You can vote for the Nail Cutter party

    19. Vote To...Not Vote

    20. The Finger

    21. It's The Most Convoluted Plot Ever

    22. ...But In The End Despite All The Crazy, Bizarre And Scary, Your Right To Vote Is One Of The Greatest Freedoms You Have.

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