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19 Bollywood Tropes That Would Be Weird In Real Life

This is why you can blame Hindi films for your skewed sense of reality.

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4. Using animals as messengers of love.

Imaan Sheikh / Via

A kabootar delivering a first pyar ki first chitthi. Tuffy the dog being given way too much responsibility to drive the plot forward. A CGI talking parrot who acts better than Hrithik Roshan. (OK so maybe the animals are just a Sooraj Barjatya thing.)

5. The one person that you don't want hearing your secret constantly standing within earshot.

Pulkit Datta / Via

Protip: Next time you want to share your deep, dark secret, take a quick gander around the room first.

7. Romancing on snow-capped mountains in barely any clothing.

Pulkit Datta / Via

No, kids, being stranded on a giant block of ice wearing a very thin sari and singing in slow motion is NOT a good date idea.


8. 5-star customer service by a host of gods and goddesses.

Pulkit Datta / Via

Things not going your way? Head to nearest God-like representation, pray (preferably with tears and desperation), cue loud bells/aarti/hymns, and CHAMATKAR! Problem conveniently solved in next scene!

11. Instant baby making.


It's astonishing that the one and only time the guy and girl have sex in the movie must inevitably lead to becoming maa of tumhara bachcha. Fertility ki jai ho!


17. Teleporting to foreign locales for quick song and dance routines.

Pulkit Datta / Via

Okay, this one would be kind of awesome. Enter settings for musical number teleportation: Me + Deepika Padukone + Beaches of Fiji + Romantic song + Dancing seals in the background. Go!

19. And your name being sung in the background music every time you enter a room.


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