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14 Things You Know If You're Frugal AF And Proud Of It

Bargains are bae.

1. Your friends know they can always count on you to recommend cheap food and drink spots.

2. You've become a master of the DIY birthday gift.

3. You refuse to buy things you know you can always borrow.

4. And you automatically opt out of most group ski/cottage plans.

5. Your wallet is full of coupons and gift cards.

6. And you get waaay too excited whenever your pennies round down instead of up.

7. When someone tells you their job has "benefits," you automatically assume they mean free food.

8. You can rationalize buying one drink for hours and hours.

9. Whenever you go out to eat, you look at the price column before the actual food items.

10. And you're extremely protective of those meals, because you rely on taking home leftovers.

11. Your friends call you "cheap," but you take it as a compliment.

12. You don't mind being different from the rest.

13. Because at the end of the day, you know you're making the right choices...

14. ...and that the best things in life don't always have to have price tags.

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