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17 Reasons Smoking Is Actually The Worst

It's not as sexy IRL.

1. When someone tries to kiss you right after they've smoked:

2. Except sometimes you give in, and you seriously regret it:

3. Like, so much:

4. It really wasn't worth it:

5. When cigarette ash falls into someone's drink:

6. When someone gets close to you and you get a whiff of their cigarette-infused perfume:

7. When you're outside waiting for a friend to finish a cig and there's a breeze going:

8. When they're really cute, but their breath really isn't:

9. When you hang out with someone and start smelling of their cigarettes:

10. And you have to spend ages convincing your mum that you haven't actually been smoking:

11. Trying to get your flirt on and having your game ruined when you accidentally inhale their smoke:

12. How your friend basically looks after a cig:

13. When the cigarette smell is just all up in their everything:

14. When you run over to hug your BFF...

15. ...and they accidentally burn a hole in your jacket with their cigarette:

16. When you're really crushing on someone:

17. And then you find out that their mouth tastes like an actual ashtray:

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