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The 21 Most Embarrassing Moments Of Puberty, Ranked

Let's play connect the spots.

21. Getting a sweat mark in public.

20. Finally feeling comfortable in your uniform, then remembering it's non-uniform day.

19. Getting forehead spots.

18. Getting chin spots.

17. Getting back spots.

16. Having your voice crack at the worst possible moment. / Via

"Do you want to go to the dance with meeᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉ?"

15. Doing something drastic just because your parents will hate it.

14. Experimenting with fake tan.

13. Being obsessed with someone you've never actually spoken to before.

12. Becoming boyfriend/girlfriend with someone after knowing them for, like, a minute.

11. Telling someone you love them within hours of getting together.

10. Spending literal HOURS waiting for your crush to text back.

9. Being the only one who didn't go through a growth spurt.

If everyone could stop laughing at how short I am when I take my shoes off that would be great. My growth spurt will come in time.

8. Being the only one who DID go through a growth spurt.

7. Practicing kissing on your hand.

6. Doodling your crush's name with a bunch of hearts around it.

5. Trying to wear makeup like everyone else does and failing miserably.

4. Not having a date to the school disco.

3. Accidentally liking one of your crush's old posts.

76 weeks deep in his instagram feed like

2. Getting your period at the worst possible moment.

1. Accidentally calling your teacher "Mum".

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