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22 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Parents Are Separated

There's a bit more to it than double birthday presents. (But yes, that bit is awesome.)

1. The early days are tough and confusing.

2. You learn to tune out the arguments.

3. But the hardest thing is realising things might not go back to the way they were.

4. However, you start to see the upsides.

5. And after a while, it becomes pretty normal.

6. And you start using it to your advantage.

7. If at first you don't succeed...

8. It's true – double Christmas and birthday is kinda cool.

9. Although, double birthday can literally mean double birthday...

10. Plus all that Christmas food comes with its consequences.

11. But you'd still trade it in for a Christmas with everyone back together and happy.

12. Because living out of a suitcase isn't the most fun.

#divorcedparentproblems this is an every week thing.

13. And that *thing* you need is always at the other house.

#GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents forgetting your charger when switching houses

14. You've been managing your schedule for, like, forever.

15. In fact, weekend plans? Hmm...

16. You're a bit sick of explaining why your last name's different from your mum's.

17. While step-parents were never going to be in for a smooth ride.

#GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents when ur step parents try to discipline u and u look at them like

18. (As well as anyone who mistakes your step-parent for your real parent.)

19. But the older you get, the better you understand.

20. And while it may shake your hopes for "happily ever after"...

21. many ways, it brings you closer together.

22. And in the end, nothing would make you happier than to see them happy too.

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