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The One "Harry Potter" Creepy Detail You Don't See In The Film

About the creep of creeps, Lord Voldemort.

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Everybody knows the finale of Harry Potter was stunning.

But it misses a crucial point contained in the books.

First of all, Harry didn't battle Voldemort without a crowd.

Very cinematic, but where are the witnesses?

It was in front of the whole school that Harry and Voldemort dueled.

Unlike all of his previous confronts, this time everybody can see that Harry kicks Voldemort's ass.

And it happened right after Molly killed Bellatrix.

So Harry and Voldemort were there, not out of sight.

And Harry sacrificed himself for everyone.

The same thing Lily did for him, thus preventing Voldemort to kill any of them.

And eventually, Voldemort was defeated.

But not like paper ashes, he didn't.

He just lied there.

What the hell happened to his corpse?

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