8 Reasons Why Aunt Marge Is The Real Villain Of The Harry Potter Series

Back away Voldermort and Fenrir Greyback.

1. She’s uncle Vernon’s sister.

Bad blood will out indeed.

2. If Harry had been her orphaned nephew, she would give him up for adoption.

Left to the same fate Voldermort had, who knows?

3. She wacked 5-year-old Harry in the shins with her walking stick.

Because she didn’t want him to beat Dudley at musical statues.

4. She gave Harry dog biscuits for Christmas once.

5. She thinks Harry should be hit with extreme force.

“If you can speak of your beatings in that casual way, they clearly aren’t hitting you hard enough”.

6. Even Dudley couldn’t stand her.

He had to be paid to hug her.

7. She drowns little puppies.

She’s a bulldog breeder but has no remorse in telling she asked a certain Colonel Fubster to drown a runt puppy.

8. She’s ruthlessly rude towards Harry.

Basically called Lily Potter a bitch.

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