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15 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Psych"

Even though you probably already know that "Psych" is a great show, here are 15 definitive reasons to park yourself in front of your TV and catch new episodes every Wednesday at 10/9c on USA.

1. There Are Discussions About Controversial Topics

2. And There's Great Uses Of Technology.

3. And Guest Stars Of The Highest Acclaim!

4. And Of Course, Insane Amounts Of Sexual Tension.

5. There's True Love

6. Mixed With Healthy Doses Of Genuine Tragedy

7. Plus, The Actors Are Great. Dule Hill Used To Be On "The West Wing"

8. And James Roday Was In "Beerfest!"

9. But Most Importantly... It's About Two Besties

10. With Their Own Special Language,

11. Their Own Set Of Rules,

12. Healthy Competitive Spirits

13. ...And Tons Of Love For Each Other

14. So Brush Up On Your Nickname Skills...

15. Otherwise, You're Gonna Get A Helluva Lot Of These